06/52 – 2017

Oh snow. Sigh. So beautiful, so cold, so hard to get around. Is there anything worse than another snowfall? That would be rain-sodden snow. Okay, it could be worse. The power could go out and I would lose the will to live. Fortunately our power has stayed on and the house is cozy. So no complaints about the weather from me! πŸ˜‰




I’ve been stuck inside treading on the mill, but yesterday it stopped raining so we decided to go for a walk to the library. It was very dicy. The path was an icy, goopy mess, so I stuck to the the outside of the path and hoofed it through the snow. But I didn’t fall this time so that’s a win!



Activity Roundup:

Steps: 66,254

Stairs: 62 floors

Miles: 29.73

My view on the treadmill. Not so bad, but outside with fresh air is better!


No crafty projects were finished this week, but I’ve been wearing my Hygge Booties around the house and they really are delightful. I’m already thinking I need a pair in a brighter colour for Spring.

New blinds finally! I love the windows uncoveredΒ and unfettered, but in the winter the sun blast through those windows and you need sunglasses to sit out there! So we finally bit the bullet and ordered and installed these. I love how I can still see out but tilt the blinding sun out of my eyes.


I started back to flute lessons this week. I play regularly with a flute choir, but I seem to have lost my mojo with practicing, my technique is getting sloppier and it is time to get a kick-start again. I found a lovely young woman who guest conducted for us a few times and I think this will be just what I need! Practice, practice, practice now!

I tried a new recipe this week: Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese. Wow, love this!

Nevertheless, She Persisted! I love Elizabeth Warren and bravo to her for keeping up the fight! Meanwhile, the list of deplorable senators grows.

Comfort food, cozy kitty, yarn, home improvement, music and walking. My week. How was yours?


05/52 – 2017

Another crazy week. We had glorious sunny weather, we had snow. The news continues to make me sick, but I love hearing all the good work that people are doing to fight for what is right. Knitting and crocheting keeps me sane, as well as walking.

Looking over at Vancouver
Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver
The snowy Lions above Mosquito Creek Marina

I wear a Fitbit and I love keeping track of my steps, my stairs, calories burned, etc. It amazes me how many steps I can get just here at home doing this and that. My Fitbit also gives me a nudge to move every hour and sometimes I do as it asks, but if I’m in the middle of knitting, I’ve been known toΒ ignore it.

So I think as part of my weekly round up, I’ll do an activity round up as well.

Steps: 62,935

Stairs: 96 floors

Miles: 28.32

For my knitting round up, I finished two projects, both Hygges! I love this word although I’m not sure how to pronounce it, but basically it means “cozy” in Danish.

Hygge Cowl: This is a lovely lace cowl that graduates needles size to give it a very gentle shaping. The pattern calls for 2 balls of The Fibre Co. Acadia. I had three, so I made mine a bit longer. I changed needle size with each colour change and bound off with a little bit of the green at the top.

I’ve worn it both ways, but mostly as a loose cowl rather than a shoulder shrug. My neck needs warmth more than my shoulders.

The pattern is by Kristen TenDyke: Hygge Cowl.

Hygge Cabled Booties: This was a really fast knit, made in Knit Pick’s Wool of the Andes in Bulky. They are wonderfully cozy and I intend to wear them as slippers around the house.


The pattern is by Staci Perry of Very Pink Knits: Hygge Feet Cabled Booties.

Staci has a number of video tutorials on her website, Verypink.com,Β for this project as well as many other projects. For these Hygge Booties, I learned how to do a provisional cast on using a crochet hook… which is so easy and will be the method I use from now on. Also, I learned the German Short Row. This is done on the toes and the heels. My first toe looks a little rough, but the second toe and heels look much neater. Practice makes perfect, but they didn’t need to be so perfect that I would rip out that first toe!

So now I sit and knit and watch the snow outside and try and get that hygge feeling!



04/52 – 2017

This was the week of getting outside and walking. I try and do my 10,000 steps a day, or close to it, and with all the snow that we’ve had this winter, I’ve been stuck inside on my treadmill. I’m very grateful that I do have that treadmill and a nice spot to walk and watch netflix, but I’ve been feeling a little house-bound lately.

So now the snow is mostly melted, the rains have held off this week and we’ve gotten out every day for a good fresh-air walk. Here are a few places we walked this week…

float homes
Mosquito Creek Marina float homes


burrard inlet
Vancouver in the distance, from Ravenswoods

burrard inlet

Welcome to West Vancouver
tree hugs
Walking to the library

There was some nice sunshine inside the house too. And knitting and baking.

living room
We ordered blinds this week so I won’t have to wear sunglasses to sit out here.
sock knitting
Financial meeting activity
huntleigh cowl
My Huntleigh Cowl, keeping my neck toasty and colourful
made a bundt
The lad is coming for dinner. must make a bundt.
miss lily
I joined Kasmira and Miss Lily for a walk today.

Rains are coming today so it’ll be back on the treadmill for me, but it sure felt good to get out and about and get a clear head.

A clear head about the horrible things happening under that horrible man, although it doesn’t take much to realize that what he is doing is WRONG. I did something this morning I’ve never done before, wrote my congressman, and I’ll be calling his office tomorrow. Each day brings another incredulous policy out of that chump, and this last one regarding the banning of refugees has really taken it over the top. The most vulnerable people and denying them safety. What kind of person does that? Where are the SANE people in government, Democrats and Republicans, to finally stop this man?

We need to get this person out of office. He’s dangerous and mentally unstable. This just doesn’t affect one country, this affects the entire world. Did you see the doomsday clock got moved the closest to midnight in 64 years? 2.5 minutes to midnight.

I’m not sure what good writing and calling will do, but it will make me feel like I’m doing something to stop this chump and his posse of immoral people.