Projects On The Needles

Well, I’m a little slow in keeping up with stuff, but I’m here. Present! I have become totally addicted to knitting socks, and when I’m not knitting them, I’m planning the next ones (Pomotomas), taking pictures of the ones I’m doing, or wildly buying new yarn to feed the stash.
On the needles right now are Log Cabin Socks from the book ‘Handknit Holidays’. I’m knitting them in Rowan’s DK Cashsoft Baby on size 3 u.s. circulars. They are sooo soft, I think they’ll be very very cozy.

Also on the needles (size 1 u.s. circulars) are my green Koigu Monkey Pattern socks from Designed by ‘Cookie’, they are scrumptiously delicious. They are part of my contribution to the Green Sock Knitalong over on the Flickr site. There are some amazing green socks being knit there. Check them out. Let me see if I’m smart enough to put a linking button on this thingy. Thing.
I’m having a hard time getting these pictures placed how I want them. I can’t seem to get this bottom one spaced well. Hmmmmm.

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