Questions Of The Day

Here is the first finished Monkey sock in a green Koigu. Funny how the colour is different in the picture than the real thing. It’s much more yellow-green than blue-green.
Here are a list of question posed by ‘Meghan’ – a sock designer for the Pick Up Sticks Sock Club.
1. When did you first learn how to knit socks?
I first started knitting socks about a year and a half ago. My sister (the other dolly sister) took a sock class at her local yarn shop. At that point, I was knitting scarfs, felted bags, a few vests for Mr. Knitter Gal. Nothing on a needle smaller than 8u.s. So, being the bratty little sister, I mocked her for the tedious work she will now have to endure. Well, lets just say I became the addict. Sister didn’t catch the fever immediately and went on to other knitting, while I however, tried it, became enamoured with it, and now have a serious addiction.
2. Toe-up or Top-down?
Always top-down. I’ll probably eventually try toe-up, but it scares me!
3. Knee socks? Ankle socks? Somewhere in between?
Depends on who I’m knitting for. My mom, who has the largest collection of my socks (at least 10 pair) likes them well up the leg. I need to make sure I use yarn that has 210m per ball. For springtime socks, I’m experimenting with them being lower on the leg.
4. What are your favourite sock-knitting tools (needle size, brand, etc.)
Addi-Turbo circulars, size 1us. I have a pair of the Log Cabin socks on size 3us circulars. I’ll be trying the double pointed soon so I can have multiple socks going at once.
5. Favourite sock yarns?
Trekking, Yarn Pirate, Koigu, Lorna’s Laces, Cherry Tree Hill. I’m sure there will be many many more.
6. Favourite sock-knitting books and resources?
My first socks are from Cat Bordi – “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles”. I’ve tried patterns also from, Log Cabin Socks from “Handknit Holidays” by Melanie Falick. I love to surf the internet looking for new sock patterns.
7. Favourite sock-knitting partner in crime?
Ah, easy. My sister Melissa – the other dolly sister. We like to go on yarn excursions, and can spend hours talking about socks and the beautiful yarn we’ve found.
8. Favourite non-sock knits?
Scarfs, felted handbags, simple sweater/vests. I’ve done a few lace projects and I want to try a new lace shawl.
9. Do you wear your handknit socks?
I do. I wish I had more, but they get snatched up by the mom, the husband, the daughter. I have 2 pair that are mine.

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