Ninja Knitting

I’ve spent over three hours today wrangling a set of double pointed needles and nearly put out an eye! This new technique is very dangerous! I’m trying to get started on some lovely Pomatomus socks. I have the perfect watery yarn colourway….it’s from Cherry Tree Hill. Blues and Greens. But this is by far the most difficult pattern I’ve tackled yet. If I get my new camera tomorrow, then I can post the pictures.

Dolly Sister and I spent the weekend doing a LOT of knitting. I’m working on another pair of Monkey socks, this time using Yarn Pirate’s Sadie. They look great and are going very smoothly.
We also went shopping and bought a lot of new sock yarn. I have a green Koigu for me, and pretty lavender Koigu to make a pair for my mom’s birthday.
I am not witty today nor clever. I nearly went blind from all that attempted knitting. I better stick to something safe, like folding laundry.
Some of the socks and new yarn. My Monkey on the left, Sister’s Partridge on the right, and our new stash in the middle. Yummy.

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