Photo Contraption

Okie Dokie then. After borrowing my ever fashionable daughter’s new camera for the last few weeks, I finally got my own. I’m going to use my trusty label-maker and put MY name on it. Not sharing. Nope. Well maybe, if you bribe me with new hand-painted sock yarn or chocolate. Either will do!

I’ve been getting the hang of it, it’s similar to Sarah’s but a different brand, therefore different thingies on it. These I’ve posted over at Project Spectrum. Blue, gray, white. I’m having a blast.

My Monkey Sock. I used the Yarn Pirate’s merino/tencel in ‘Sadie’ colourway. I’m busy at work knitting on the second one, and would have it finished by now, if it weren’t for the confounded new camera, and my addiction to blogs. This picture was actually taken with Sarah’s camera. The following photo’s were taken with my new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50.

This is the beautiful new yarn I got in California……Cherry Tree Hill. It was supposed to be a Pomatomus by now, or at least part of one, but due to difficulties of the knitter………well, lets just say I was a very defeated knitter yesterday. One day perhaps, but certainly not this day.

Pieces of my flute. I sent this one to the P.S. to satisfy my lack of grayness. Yeah, I realize it’s really more ‘silver’ than ‘gray’. But unless you want a picture of my roots…..this is my gray!

I’m very happy with the pictures so far. The colours seem to be spot-on. The level of detail on the Macro setting is very very good… can see all of my scratches on my flute. (oh dear!)

3 thoughts on “Photo Contraption

  1. Kate

    These will be my first Cherry Tree Hill socks……if I ever get them started! It is soooo soft, I’m going to want to keep these for myself!


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