Busy Knitting!

I haven’t posted for a few days. I’ve been trying to get caught up on a number of projects……..bit by bit.

First off, I finished my Monkey Socks, I have worn them and I declare them marvelous! I love the way the colours came out. Now I need to find some short ‘waiting-for-a-flood’ pants so that they show-off more! Or maybe I should move into the hippie mama look. Peasant skirts, long sweaters, leggings, clogs and my socks. I’ll get back to ya’ll on that one!

On the needles now are my next pair of socks. These are Koigu Partridge Eye pattern. Size 1 u.s. circs. I’m moving down the foot on these…. getting close to the toe.

Here they are just at the gusset. I love the colours in this yarn. Blues, violets, greens. I know the pattern is ‘Partridge Eye’, but I keep thinking of peacocks (paging Dr. Freud).

More knitting projects in the works, because one must not have just one, or two, or even three measly projects at once. No, no, no, the truly insane have at least 4!

I purchased a delicious hank o’ yarn the other day. Let’s call it silk. It spoke to me, and I answered with my credit card. Handmaiden Sea Silk in Ivory. And what will it be, you ask? This stole: http://www.poshyarn.co.uk/patterns.html

My sample swatch

So there. Busy gal I am.

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