Gung Hai Fat Choi

Happy New Year! Woooowhoooo. Everybody partying? I remember the day when we did celebrate, we would meet the in-laws at a local restaurant for dim sum. But that restaurant is gone now, I think it’s a parking lot (they paved paradise, and put up a parking lot). Now, we’re lucky if we order chinese take-out. I do know that I’m supposed to have been cleaning and sweeping out the old year (not!) and we’re not supposed to use knives today (possible, but unlikely to follow).

I’m working through a little bicipital tendonitis in my right arm. Probably the worst things I can be doing are knitting and computers and cleaning. Probably the main thing I want to do is knitting and computers. Cleaning…….I’ll give it a rest for now.

I finished my Partridge Eye, Waterbox Colour Socks and wore them yesterday. They are wonderfully comfy and warm. So warm in fact that I think it was the socks that were giving me hot flashes last night. Couldn’t be my age, ho no no. Had to be my wool socks!

Next on the needles (they hardly get a chance to cool-off!) is Cherry Hill Tree yarn in blues and greens. This is the yarn I’ve started and frogged 3 times…..none of the patterns seemed right. Well, the Pomatomus seemed perfect, except the knitter was completely flummoxed by the pattern. So, new pattern and it’s a breeze. River Rapid by Sockbug. Very easy to follow and the colours look like water and the fresh green grass next to it. And I think these will be for me again. I’m up to 3 pairs for myself and I must say, I love being selfish.

Today the flute choir I’m in is playing a concert at a local senior’s centre. They are a great audience and it’s a nice room to play in. All should go well, if I can get my mojo together for the Magic Flute Overture, which ironically is our closing piece. At least I’ll be good and warmed up by the time we get to it. It’s very challenging for me. Maybe it’s time to wake up the sleeping peeps here with a little flute practice.

Oh, they’ll love me for sure!

2 thoughts on “Gung Hai Fat Choi

  1. Spellchick

    Good heavens! How do you know it’s bicipital tendonitis? I’ve never even heard of it, and I’m so old I’ve heard of everything!


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