So Sad!

I’m terribly despondent this morning because the mailman didn’t bring me a package! I’ve been waiting for my box from Pick Up Sticks to arrive with my yarn and pattern for February’s Sock Of The Month. Heavy, heavy sigh. Just bills came. Canada Post is breaking my heart! According to the package tracker, it’s been sitting in a sortation plant in Mississauga, Ontario since the 17th. It must be getting some very intricate sorting application. Or maybe the sorters are still laughing their arses off at the idea of ‘sock of the month’, like certain ‘friends’ I know. HAH!

Please Mr. Mailman……bring me a package!

So what’s a girl to do? I suppose I should clean up a bit around here. Having 3 teenagers in the house instead of the usual 2 this week does make a huge difference! It’s been great having #1 daughter around, even though I don’t see her much. She’s been having lots of fun with her old friends from high school, and lots of sleeping in, and just hanging out with us. Only a couple more months of school, then she’ll be back for 4 months until the fall term begins.

Knitting, I could sit and knit a spell. I’m still working on the River Rapid Socks, and they are coming along so nicely. What an easy pattern and such soft yarn.

This afternoon is the blessed yearly mammogram. I so look forward to this event.

(don’t worry, no pictures of this)

My flute choir concert went very well on Sunday. The people at the Silver Harbour Senior Centre were so nice and welcoming, they even had coffee, tea and cookies for us afterwards! We took a couple of nice pictures of the group, but I have decided that I really hate my neck. I must ALWAYS wear a scarf to hide it’s rolly-polly folds. How did it get this way? My sweet sister lovingly pointed out that it has always looked this way, thank you very much dear dolly.

NOW. (an edit after posting)

Seriously, what black hole came along and swallowed time?? How can it be 11am already? How does 6am getting up, getting clean and dressed, having breakfast, checking email, blogs and gossip, getting kids to school, checking email, blogs and gossip, posting an email, blog or gossip, having second breakfast …… how does it suddenly get to be 11am? I’m sure there has been a major disruption in the space-time continuum. I haven’t even knit, listened to Bob Dylan, scooped the litterbox or figured out dinner yet. I need to get on it, pronto.

3 thoughts on “So Sad!

  1. Kate

    Well, I was feeling rather headachey and out of sorts. Then I had a good looksy and listen with some youtubes. Much much better now! 😉

  2. Rainey Day Knitter

    But where’s the rum…I mean yarn. Damn the slow Canadian postal service. My theory is that some gal at the sortation(is that really a word?)place has knit the socks up already.


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