I Love Thursdays, I Love the Mail Delivery, I Love My Sister

Thursday brought, not one but TWO yarn deliveries. First, the mailman, not the regular guy, but the special truck guy dropped off a cute little box, rang my doorbell and ran. (Do you think he reads this?) And there sitting on my doorstep was a box containing lots of goodies.

First off, the yarn. It’s a delicious shade of raspberry/grape with a little bit of olive. It is soft (100% merino) it has tons of yardage for a sizeable pair of socks, or I could adapt to shorter leg socks and make something else with the remainder.

The Pattern. It’s as cute as can be. A gentle ripple pattern with a little removable lacy cuff. The pattern for the sock looks do-able, but for the lace cuff I’ll need to put my thinking cap on to figure out.

There are new needles – double pointed Pony Pearl’s. They scare me a little, this double pointed business but I’m going to give them a try. Just don’t be surprised if you see me walking down the street with an eye missing.

2 Totes!!!! One large cloth one for carrying large amounts of stash, and a small orange one for carrying that sock project. It’s almost too much to take in.

And that is not all, ho no nellie, there was a delivery of Yarn Pirate’s new colourway ‘Apple’. This was delivered by my darling sister all the way from Across The Border to me! Well, it was on the way to their ski vacation in Whistler, and they needed a bathroom break anyway, so she kindly let me avoid the U.S. to Canada shipping and duty fees. I first saw this colourway online and thought the colours were a match to a shawl/scarf I knit last year. Pinks and fresh Greens. And by golly, it’s perfect! They were introduced yesterday, scarf and sock yarn, and immediately got on like gangbusters.

I’m a happy sockyarnslut.

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