`Okole Maluna

I’m getting ready, packing, getting knitting together, making lists, and getting knitting together. Friday is the day. Hawaii!!! I’m sacrificing myself to accompany daughter Sarah’s volleyball team to Honolulu to play in a tournament for the week of spring break. We’re then going to extend our stay for another week with her friend Allison and her mom Laurel. Such hardships are tragic, and the ultimate price of being a dutiful mother. HAH! I’m sooo not staying at their hotel, I’m staying at a lovely place on the beach (with another Mom). I’m sooo not a chaperone, supervisor or anything of any official capacity. HAH! I’m totally using the girl to get 2 weeks in the sun in Hawaii, sipping fancy drinks with umbrellas, and knitting to my hearts content.
There are 3 projects I’m bringing. I might get bored knitting just 1 paltry project, weary knitting 2 projects. 3’s the charm.
1. Socks – Pick Up Sticks sock of the month for February. These will be a birthday present for my sister-in-law Carol. I’m going to make a few adjustments to the pattern to suit my knitting style and Carol’s sock preferences. The yarn is gorgeous Spunky Eclectic in raspberry with a touch of olive.

2. Chevron Scarf – From the book, Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. This I’m doing in 2 different yarns……’Rosie’ from Yarn Pirate and ‘Mineshaft’ from Lorna’s Laces. This will be for moi!

3. Sea and Shells Stole – from Posh Yarns. I’m using Handmaiden’s Sea Silk. This will also be for me! to wear to Sarah’s graduation in June.

Finished off today are Nana’s birthday Socks. They came out so pretty, I think she’ll love them.

Now, on to the packing.

Oh, and `Okole Maluna means, “Bottoms Up”

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