Home Again, Jiggidy Jig

Wow. What a great 2 weeks that was, and did it ever go by fast! The girls got their volleyball matches done by that first Saturday, which left, oh, 13 days left for fun! They did okay, not their best playing…..but if you consider that they played their first match at 8pm (Hawaii Time) on the Friday we arrived, after getting up at 4am (Vancouver Time), flying 6 hours, busing to the hotel, looking around, getting dinner, busing to the Paloma Settlement (about 20 minutes from downtown) for the matches, I’m shocked that they had any energy to bounce a ball! Ah, youth!

So, we retire to the beach, floating on the gentle waves, listening to the hawaiian music wafting from the beachfront bar and consuming our fair share of margaritas. Jose Cuervo, he’s my friend…….la di da.

Knitting. Yes, some knitting was accomplished. The Love Song Socks from Pick Up Sticks were finished on the plane flying home. They needed a good wash though, what with the sand, sunscreen and margarita salt that filtered through the fibers.

The Chevron Scarf has gotten a little longer…..that is more slow going and because it involved 2 yarn balls at once, I wasn’t as eager to take it down to the beach, snorkling and sightseeing. It spent the holiday in the hotel room.

And most importantly of all, my girl got to surf. Sarah and Alison had a lot of fun taking a lesson together, then renting boards for a couple of hours the next day. I’m sure they would have liked to stay another week or more!

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