Mandolins, Math, Pi’s and Other Dangerous Endeavors

bob mandolin
Watch out Bobby, that mandolin could take off a finger! (My reply is the embarrassing mandolin mix-up, under Knitter Gal) Georgia, I’m glad you’re healing and getting back to your Piratey ways! Congratulations on your retirement and getting to be a full-time Pirate! arrgggghhhh.

I so look forward for a new opportunity to embarrass myself. Will it be today, tomorrow? It’s lurking out there, I know.

The Pi of Constant Sorrow. I thought I was so very very clever. I wanted to make a larger Kitty Pi for the plus-sized Theia. I should have known that Math would forever be my foe. I guess I should have tried harder in Miss Kennelly’s algebra class, but I was so totally confused by the combination of numbers and letters. I was lost.

So, despite my fear of all things math, I tempted fates and threw caution to the wind. I tried to make the Pi bigger by increasing one more time, from 144 stitches to 288, then decrease back down for the sides. There was a malfunction. No sides appeared after felting. It was just one big flat ‘platter’, and as we all know, there is just no going back after the felt. Furthermore, I really don’t like Lopi for felting. I used it as an alternative to the expensive Noro Iro used on the first Kitty Pi, but knowing I had to make it much larger, opted for the much less expensive Lopi. It shed like a cat on a hot tin roof! I could have probably taken all the big shedded balls from my washing maching, and knit a new Pi! And it looks like something that will keep growing as time goes by.
So, needless to say, I hated it and would have thrown it away, but my friend and mother of Theia said bring it over and see what they think of it. Well, apparently Theia loves it and is quite pleased that there are no obstacles like sides and edges to get in the way of her sleeping pleasure. That Theia, she’s a Gal!
Here is the ‘before’ and Theia’s mom promised to take an ‘after’ picture for me.

One thought on “Mandolins, Math, Pi’s and Other Dangerous Endeavors

  1. Rainey Day Knitter

    Yikes! Not only is it a platter but it has ridges. I’m glad that Theia likes it. Don’t mess with math is my motto after my last felting project gone wrong.


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