Toes Up and Picot Edges

Here is the latest and greatest from Pick Up Sticks Sock of the Month for April. The yarn is 400 meters of handpainted superwash merino/nylon blend. Very springy and very soft. Cream, pink, blue, green, yellow. From Zen Yarn Garden, special colourway Spring Garden. The pattern is called ‘Trellis’, designed by Meghan for the sock club and it’s toe up. Can I tell you, whenever I say toe up, my stomach does this tight zing thing. I’m not sure I’m smart enough to figure this one out…..although in Meghan’s defense, there seems to be thorough explanations……but can my brain understand? I think the thing to do here is try it out on some left-over sock yarn (of which there is a plethora in my possession) and give it a go.

The next challenge, of which there a plenty….believe me, will be the picot edge cuff. It’s so pretty and girly, and I’ve been wanting to try it out, but not willing to venture out of my ribbed cuff safety zone. So with the safety net of the community of knitters and the sock club blog, I shall go forth and hopefully, prosper.

Stay tuned, I may spontaneously combust from all this brain activity.

4 thoughts on “Toes Up and Picot Edges

  1. Andrea

    The short row toe is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It might just take a bit to wrap your head around it. But toe up is great because you can try your sock on as you go.

  2. Kate

    Thanks for the encouragement Andrea. Even though Meghan posted the top-down alternate way, I’m going to give the toes-up a try. It’ll be fun (I hope!) to see the sock grow from a different end.

  3. Rainey Day Knitter

    Oh be brave and go for it…although if it involves any math equations you might want to seek help…like your children, they are smart ;)Live long and picot sistah!


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