You’re A Big Girl Now

Bow down to her on Sunday,
Salute her when her birthday comes.

And so the day comes and goes and life goes on. 50. Whatever! Actually I had a lovely day. My flute choir friends Nancy and Dorothy came over, brought me flowers and goodies for us to eat. We played music, ate and laughed a LOT. Just as they were leaving, my friend Shelagh dropped by and we had tea and laughed a LOT – as we always do. It was a good day.

This week I got 3 different deliveries from Canada Post. Quite out of the ordinary, but that’s what happens when I keep pushing the Purchase/PayPal buttons! First of the week was my Sock Of The Month for April from Pick Up Sticks, shown below. Then yesterday I got, also from Pick Up Sticks, 2 skeins of Fleece Artist Sea Wool sock yarn and another sock book….Sensational Knitted Socks. The colours of both skeins are in the autumnal range….orangy, goldy colours. I have an idea for them, but I’m keeping that a secret right now.

Then today my other best friend, delivered a book, a cd and a dvd. The book is Bound For Glory, by Woody Guthrie. I’ve been wanting this one for awhile now and finally got to ordering it. The cd is Exploration by Sarah Lee Guthrie (seeing a trend here?) and Johnny Irion. Country Folk I’d call it.
Last month, the man and I went to see the Guthrie Family in concert at the Chan Centre. They were great, Arlo singing and storytelling, his son played keyboards and his daughter Sarah Lee, her husband Johnny sang and played guitar. Those two were so cute (and their daughter Olivia) that I had to order their cd. Sarah Lee has definitely inherited Arlo’s gift for telling a story, and we got to also hear a recording of Woody telling a story. Let’s just say that the apples don’t fall far from that family tree. What a treat that was!

And lastly, the dvd. Need I say, Bob Dylan? Yes I’m obsessed. I readily admit I am and find much happiness in listening, reading, watching and discussing every aspect of his music. Maybe it’s my mid-life crisis, probably is, but at least I shouldn’t end up in rehab over this addiction. Maybe the looney house though! As long as they also have wool and knitting supplies too………

So the dvd is Don’t Look Back, Deluxe Edition. It’ll keep me happy for hours while I knit.

One thought on “You’re A Big Girl Now

  1. Spellchick

    Hello! Ha! I got my password back (although the mojo is still missing). Punctuauntie is back, but she changed her name. Go see!


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