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My brain did some work this morning. Scary but true! I finally figured out how to make the button/link thingy on the side panel work. Before, I could just put a picture of say, the Yarn Harlot’s button, but there would be no link to take you there. I found a site that was of tremendous help called Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta. (psst…Grammar Moses, might help) It made the mind-boggleing-numbing process much easier to figure out. So now I can link link link to my hearts content, as long as I remember how I figured it out the first time. Oh those brains, they can be so tricksee.

me, bottom left

I had a wonderful weekend in Victoria, B.C. My flute choir had a workshop with the Victoria Flute Choir on Sunday. It was held at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and what lucky ducks they are! Lovely rehearsal hall with wonderful acoustics. We played lots and lots of music, ate wonderful food and had a good visit with them. We do a get-together each year with them, trading off locations. When it’s in Victoria, many of us head over the day before on the ferry and it makes for a nice weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Royal BC Museum to see the Titanic Artifacts exhibit. While that was a real treat to see, it was also very sad. When you enter the exhibit you receive a ‘boarding pass’ that has the name of a real passenger on the ship, with information about the class travelling in, the cabin and the circumstances of why they were on the ship. My ‘person’ was a lady travelling with her daughter and her daughter’s friend. Mrs. Thomas (Lily) Potter, first class. At the end of the exhibit, they have the list of survivors and victims and I’m happy to report that Mrs. Potter and her 2 companions all survived. In fact, in researching through google yesterday, I found out that they were on the first lifeboat launched from the ship, lifeboat #7. Tragically the lifeboat that should have held 65 people, only held 28. Many of the lifeboats were only partially filled. Very sad!

I knit on my Yarn Pirate ‘Ozone’ socks that weekend, finishing the first sock. Dutifully I cast-on for the second sock, but I really want to start my toe-up pattern. Oh, darn that second-sock-syndrome!!

5 thoughts on “My Brain

  1. Spellchick

    What is this stained-glass-like tugboat pic at the end of your blog? It is very beautiful. I will never go to the help website. That’s what I have you for. You are the website beneath my wings. My batwings. Ew.

  2. Wendy

    Hi! I somehow searched for both “Victoria Flute Choir” and “knit” in the same search and up came your page!I’m in that choir and was there when your beautiful choir came to visit. I also madly knit, so thought I’d drop you a note.Great blog! Very entertaining!Do you happen to be one of the attendees at WCAMS this summer? Wendy

  3. Kate

    Wendy…I’m completely surprised!! Had I known there was another obsessed knitter in the room! We had such a wonderful time with your group, I’m looking forward to you coming to see us this spring.No, I didn’t make it to the camp this summer. I have already marked the dates out for next year though….I’m going no matter what! Will you be there?Kate

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Kate – I was looking at that tugboat this morning during rehearsal and thinking I should check today to see if you’d seen my post….There is a logging truck in another pane, did you get that? I never really noticed that before!Anyhow, knitting obsessed, yes! Made most of a sweater during music camp at night when I couldn’t sleep this year. And have done a lot of traditional fair isle – they are my favourite. And socks, love yours on the blog. And cables, and and and….Current obsession is learning proper finishing details. When you know how to do it right, it starts to actually become enjoyable, I’m learning.Anyhow, thanks for the reply and I look forward to spring as well.Weny


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