Hiking Friday

Hiking season has begun for me. My partner in huffing and puffing is Carol, my sister-in-law. We ease each other through the difficult paths and patiently wait while the other tries to catch her breath, and not pass-out. It is very important to choose a compatible hiking buddy. There are those that just go and never stop and that is not for me. We like to stretch at the first bridge we come to (this is after a big climb up), have water then carry on till the next bridge. More stretching, more water. This is our favourite trail. It starts out in Deep Cove, just by the water and is about a 2km trail to the top of Quarry Rock which overlooks the cove. The view is spectacular and a good resting spot before heading back down the trail. Here is what our reward is (taken last year, I didn’t bring my camera this morning because I wanted my load to be as light as possible!!) It’s a nice spot for a drink and snack…..I’d love a margarita and hors d’oeuvres, but settle for water and a couple of nuts.

I finished my first Penllyn sock using the fabulous Yarn Pirate ‘Ozone’ colourway. This was dyed especially for the Pick Up Sticks sock club, so I feel it’s very special. Not to be squandered! This pattern is great with this yarn. I love them, but need to make myself work on second one. Maybe knitting both at the same time is the way to do it, but mistakes are doubled and that might be too much to pay for doing both at once. Hmmmm, must think on that.

2 thoughts on “Hiking Friday

  1. Kate

    The Deep Cove pics are with the old clunker. It did take pretty good pictures, but alas, it’s dead Jim.


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