pretty flower, just because……(yep, procrastination)
I really should be cleaning bathrooms. But I don’t wanna. I’m fiddling, surfing, looking wistfully at a new book from the library (Marion Keyes – Angel), looking longingly at my knitting. But I’m not cleaning. Damn I need motivation — and a full-time maid so I can lounge and pursue my interests at my leisure. I’m even posting on here, when I really don’t have much to say. La – di -daaaaaa. Wanna hear me sing some more???

Finished this weekend was my Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I made this using Yarn Pirate’s Rosie and Lorna’s Laces Mineshaft. I love the colours, how the dark Mineshaft grounds the youthful and ebullient Rosie. Opposites really do attract and fit in well together. There was almost a tragedy with the scarf last night though. It was calmly and dutifully being blocked — drying on a large sheet in my bedroom. The Cat of Doom was being very respectful, sidestepping around this large intrusion into His Space. Then a visit from The Lad prompted The Cat to leap off my lap, pounce on The Scarf, grab a stitch in His Teeth, and take off across the room. All I could see was a long string of Rosie, obscenely out of place. I jumped up, screamed, The Cat looking like a deer caught in the headlights couldn’t get Rosie out of his mouth, and clearly wanted to get the hell away from this screeching banshee. I grabbed it out of his mouth, he took off, The Lad got a good chuckle and thus ended a perfectly quiet Mother’s Day. This morning, with a needle and crochet hook I was able to get the stitches back to their usual positions. All is well.
Hmm? Excuse me? Did you say something about bathrooms? oh alright, grumble grumble

3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Spellchick

    OMG. The poppy pic looks just like a painting. A beautiful painting. I’m thinking you should look into making big enlargmenets (not mini enlargements) of some of your photos. They would make great art. I would buy them. I need art, you know!And also…clean that bathroom! NOW!

  2. Kate

    I’m glad you like my photos. I would be happy to see about, ah-hem…….enlargmenets??……for you. Bathrooms done. Ta-da!


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