Oh; Where, Have I Been?

I started a new job last week. A job where I’ll be paid on a regular basis (hopefully!) by someone who is not a family member. This is the first that this has happened in over 19 years which, coincidently, is the age of my oldest child.

oldest child

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom to these three (now) teenagers. It’s been easy and it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve longed to get out of the house, been envious of my friends that have a career outside the home while at the same time acknowledging that I made a choice to make a career out of raising my kids. Some days, my conversations only revolved around the word ‘poop’. Those days usually aren’t counted as a high-point in my career, but I guarantee you, I’ve had more laugh till you cry moments centered around those poop conversations!

So the new job involves transcribing. I’m doing this part-time (although the time I’m putting in at this training level is equal to an 80 hour work week!) and I’m being trained by the Queen Of All Things Grammerly and Punctuating. She’s the very best trainer, a best friend and fortunately for our back and forthing, 3 houses over from mine. But watch out when she gets her special correcting tool out — my commas and semi-colons are shaking in their boots.

So, basically I’m pooped. All this typing and listening and transcribing has made me want to avoid the computer when I’m finished with my work-o-day. I’ve become so unsure of my ability to punctuate and string a sentence together, that I’ve been avoiding my blog. Actually, I’m also avoiding housework, cooking and any other chore that I don’t want to do. What I do look forward to, is to blissfully and happily knit. I know I can turn a perfect heel. I know I can ease that gusset into a graceful foot. Kitchner stitch, pshaa, in my sleep. Knitting is my forte and I’m dying for the day when Ms. Grammar Moses comes to me to learn to cast-on. Come on, baby, I’ve got the pointy sticks all ready to go….jab, jab.

2 thoughts on “Oh; Where, Have I Been?

  1. Rainey Day Knitter

    Do you realize that you are still fixed on the word “poop”? You are “pooped out by the end of the day”. so…You can take the Mom out of the poop but ya can’t take the poop out of the Mom! He heWelcome to the world of the frenzied underpaid worker 😮

  2. georgia

    um, sometimes we talk about poop a lot and there aren’t even any kids in the house!i hope you’re enjoying your new job. you should buy yourself something purdy as a reward :).


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