The Sum of the Parts is Greater than the Whole

That is my mantra as long as I have unfinished projects. And boy, do I ever. My beautiful socks, the Ozone colourway from Yarn Pirate (ahoy matey) are still being completed, but are taking a ‘rest’ for the time-being. I don’t think I will ever, and I do mean EVER, knit on size 0 u.s. needles again. Damn, they are small! And if you’ve ever seen my fingers, well let’s just say they more resemble sausages, not lithe delicate fingerlets that would be suitable for knitting on such teenytiny toothpicks! I’ll finish the socks, the yarn is too gorgeous not to, the pattern is too beautiful not to, but right now, not so much.

What I have knit is the Striped (NOT) Daisy Bag. It’s from a pattern I picked up at Spin a Yarn in Edmonds, WA during one of my frequent jaunts south of the border. It’s a nice sturdy tote bag. Good for hauling this and that, hither and fro. There’s lots of this and that going all over hither and fro these days. I have the pieces all ready to assemble, so maybe tonight I’ll get them sewn together. I love the colours – I can’t seem to stay away from blues and greens. I used Cascade Quatro – 2 skeins of the blue and one skein of the green. The needles were a very satisfying and robust size 11 u.s. addi turbo’s. Things move very fast when you’re zipping along with those babies!

And then there was the stole. I have entered the black-hole of knitting. I seem to knit and knit and I don’t think it has gotten any bigger. I wanted to get this done for Sarah’s grad which was last weekend. Guess I missed that deadline.
My next goal is to get it done for when the Mr. and I go to NYC the third week of July. I might be able to make that deadline, but I must be diligent and not get distracted by socks, housework, children, husband and gardening (not necessarily in that order). Don’t worry Shelagh, I’ll get ALL my work done, I’m dazzled by the prospect of a paycheck!

So the pattern says that you do the 12 row pattern repeat 34 times. So far, I’ve counted 14 pattern repeats. So — work with me here, people — if the I can do the math (whaaahahahaha) correctly, if I do 1 pattern repeat a day, then I can get this baby done in 20 days? Anyone have a calculator to check that one? And then today is the 8th of June, we’re leaving on the 22nd of July, so that’s 22 plus 8 minus (er, thirty days has September, April, June – a-hah) 30 is 22. Hey! I should have this done by the end of the month! No problems!! Sea Silk Stole — You’re heading to New York City!

3 thoughts on “The Sum of the Parts is Greater than the Whole

  1. KarenJoSeattle

    I always liked that mathematical concept. It’s a very practical.The stole looks as nice as unblocked lace can look. Your math allows a day to miss and a day to block. Should be good.I may do a simplification of that sock pattern, too.

  2. Rainey Day Knitter

    WOw…that whole mathbit made me nauseous…I am truely the woman who avoids math at all costs. All fo your projects look loverly!

  3. Spellchick

    I love the daisy bag! It’s just cute as a little button. And also, just by the way, here in Canada we get paycheques, not checks. Because we’re special.


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