Sea and Shells Stole in Sea Silk

Here is the story of my shawl/stole. From conception to birth. It will have it’s debut wearing in NYC in a few weeks. Sea and Shells Stole from Posh Yarns.

I loved working on this. The yarn – Sea Silk from Handmaiden is incredible. I can’t recommend it more highly. It’s smooth, it’s shiny, it doesn’t split. There’s no fuzziness to it — which I really don’t care for and irritates me too. I would definitely use this yarn again.

The pattern was nicely explained. I did have a problem reading it as it was written. I kept losing my place, not sure of the count. I like to know exactly where I am in the pattern and for me this avoids huge mistakes. So I count. Border is 13-stitches. Then 8-stitch start-up, followed by three 16-stitch pattern repeats. Next, an 8-stitch wind-up and finally the 13-stitch border. By counting my way through this, I never had any major rip-outs. My most was 2 rows and this was while I was on the train, listening to my ipod, watching the view and therefore not paying attention!

With this pattern, however, I never was able to memorize anything beyond the 13-stitch borders. There were 12-row repeats (okay, I was very good at remembering the purl rows) , but the knit-side patterns were new to me each and every time, as if I’d never seen them before! So constant vigilance with my pattern notes was demanded of me on this pattern.

Excel. I love this program. I took the pattern and laid it out in spreadsheet form, basically accounting for every single stitch. That way I could count my way through every row and know exactly where I was. But there were always numbers in my head. Eventually I could do this and watch tv, listen to music, but I’m sure I came across as some autistic savant (think Rainman) counting, counting, never stopping.

I made this longer than the pattern’s 34 repeats. I just kept knitting till I ran out of yarn. I’m tall and have broad shoulders so I wanted lots of drape. It’s plenty long enough, and can be thrown over my shoulders this way and that. I need to experiment in front of the mirror with this so I don’t come off as an amateur in NYC, God forbid.

Lastly, I used Aero size 3 U.S. needles. I looked for the new Addi Lace needles, but alas, they aren’t available in these parts — or weren’t available when I started this. So I looked around for a circular with as sharp a point as I could get. These were perfect. I never had any trouble with my k2-tog stitches.

I’m going to start looking for other lace patterns now. I really enjoyed the intricacy of this and maybe next will be a triangular shaped shawl. We’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Sea and Shells Stole in Sea Silk

  1. The stole is so beautiful. It looks like something you’d pay $1,000 for in a shop. You will SO not look amateur in NYC!

  2. The stole is gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. I came across this post via Ravelry, and am so glad I did. May I ask how the sea silk blocks? I’ve read conflicting reports, and I would love to know how much (or how little!) your work grew.

  3. Hi Knitelly….Thank you!I had no problems blocking it. I soaked it first and then layed it out using lots of blocking pins. It stayed exactly where I wanted, and has held its shape since.See you on Ravelry…

  4. Beautifully done! I just cast on this stole in the same color of sea silk. Did you alternate skeins as you knit, and if not, can you tell where one ends and the other starts?

  5. Your stole is beautiful and I really like the color.I just started this stole for myself. I want to thank you for the breakdown of the pattern in numbers. I think that will help me. I’ve started over three times!Can you tell me how long it took you to knit it?Great JOB!

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