Clearing Me Decks

Arrrgh Arrrgh — Aye, thar be me, clearing me decks, matey.

Okay. That’s all the pirate-speak I know. So the drift of that statement is that I’m finishing off my projects so that when I receive my booty from the Yarn Pirate, I’m ready to set sail.

I finally finished my YP Ozone socks. I had one sock done, and the other half finished when I laid them down last month to finish up my shawls. So with them being completed, I picked up these and finished them off. I had trouble keeping the tension the same, especially on the heel flap. But selah! They’re for me anyway.

Now I’m deep in my sock pattern research to pick the best pattern for the YP’s Booty Club selection. I’m so excited to see what it is!!

5 thoughts on “Clearing Me Decks

  1. those are beeeeyoutiful!! i think you will love this month’s colorway. i can’t wait to see what you knit with it.

  2. The socks are gorgeous.Same colourway as PickUpSticks sock club (can’t remember which month).Is the pattern from Yarn Pirate also?~APS. Found you on Connie’s blog.

  3. Thanks Angela….yes, this is the PickUp Sticks club colourway. I purchased the pattern from Connie awhile ago, and just felt like using it for this yarn. Now it’s too hot to wear!!

  4. I too am in the Booty Club, matey! I’m dying to know what your pattern research has led you to begin knitting…

  5. Hi Sheepish…welcome to the blog-world! I haven’t decided on the pattern yet….I kind of want to see what others do, but then I don’t want to copy anyone. Oh, the dilemma! What are you knitting with it?

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