Queuing Up

Here is the sock, ta-da…..

Right now I have a pair of green socks on the needles. I haven’t had a chance to take its picture because life is busy! I’m going to try today and take it, but it will have to be fit in somewhere around working, taking the lad to the orthodontist, looking for a pair of shoes, getting my clothes together for my trip, and now I have Ravelry to thank for inviting me and further adding to my to-do list queue.

Sunday the Mr. and I leave for New York to get 5 days of fun. We’ll be staying with our friends who live north of the city and we’re really looking forward to this trip, but it requires lots of planning: which yarn project to bring; zip out on Saturday to pick up the Harry Potter book to read on the plane; google-map some yarn shops in the city; and most importantly of all, prepare the teenagers for a week without the parental units. No parties, lock the house, feed the cat, empty the litter box………there will be a long, long list. Yes, my sweet children, Loonnggggg.

I’m going to bring socks to knit since they’re the easiest to stick in my bag or purse. Since I’m going to the Big Apple, the perfect yarn to bring is Apple from the Yarn Pirate! I’ve had this yarn for a few months and it’s time has come. I think I’ve got the perfect pattern…..an adaptation of the Broad Ripple from knitty.com. If it comes out looking like my sketching on graph paper, it will tie in to the whole New York theme.

Okay. It’s 6:50am. Time to get to work. I love that I can work in my pj’s and messy hair!

Edit: I’ve now posted the Green Sock and come back from the orthodontist and shoe shopping. I just bought the most expensive pair I have ever spent on a pair of shoes! Not, however, anymore than my DARLING sister spends SO SMARTLY AND WISELY on her Coach purses, nor my daughters on their jeans. All the way home I kept repeating….my feet are worth it……my feet are worth it…….hehe……and won’t they look cute with my handknit socks…….hehe…….

4 thoughts on “Queuing Up

  1. OMG you’re changing your blog colour scheme every other minute! I can’t cope! I like this one, though!

  2. Those shoes look unbelievably comfortable, and yet with a bit of a heel to give them a little class. Good choice!

  3. Love the shoes! Not the remark re: my choice of handbags. Only Sarah can identify with my obsession.

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