Home and Exhausted

What a fabulous time we had in NYC! We had 5 very full days of visiting with our friends Ken and Judy. They showed us around, drove us around, led us around and fulfilled our every sightseer’s wish. We hit 4 of the 5 buroughs, missing only Staten Island. But we “did” Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. We saw Jersey Boys on Broadway, went to a taping of the Late Show with Letterman, we sauntered through Central Park, ate White Castle burgers in The Bronx, went to Coney Island and rode the Cyclone and went to the very politically incorrect “freak show” — that would be cooerced by the little boys men!

We walked down the sand dunes on Fire Island and walked the city up and down. My new shoes proved to be a smart buy as there was nary a blister.

The knitting was minimal. I started the Big Apple socks more times than I should have…it just wasn’t jiving…the pattern and the yarn. So I smartly put that away and got out my Tofutsies and started Charade. Nice pattern, lovely yarn — even if it does smell a little fishy! I knit a lot of that on the ferry to Fire Island and on the island…..so it seemed appropriately smelled.

I have lots and lots of pictures that I’m still getting through. Boy do I love digital cameras! Lots of crazy photos that wouldn’t otherwise have made it!


We thank Ken and Judy for taking the week off to be with us, we had so much fun with them! The week went by too fast….all in a flash…

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