Caesar Augustus — Famous Day Stealer

I know, I know, what the heck am I doing with three blog entries for today? Well, I was just doing laundry, packing and changing my plethora of calendars for August when I remembered something.
When we were in NY, Mr. Knitter Gal aka Mr. Tennis Man, swiped borrowed a book from our friend Ken, The Book of Totally Useless Information. Whilst reading this and that earlier today, I read the entry on how we got the names of the months of the year.
Most of us know where they originated, especially July and August. July, of course, was named after Julius Caesar — inventor of the high-fat Caesar Salad. Apparently, the month was named for him post-assassination by Mark Anthony — husband of JLo — and a huge lover of the salad.
So after the whole messy ‘Eh tu, Brute’ incident, Julie’s nephew, Caesar Augustus became emporer and decided to name his favourite month (Sextillius) after himself. Unfortunately, Sextillius only had 30 days in it, whilst July had 31.
Over-inflated-ego-man couldn’t tolerate having less days –even 1 day — than great-uncle Julie, so he did what any power-hungry egotistical emporer would do, he stole a day from little ol’ February. Already sitting as the last month of the Roman year, pitifully the runt of the year and now and forever truly the runt-month.

The evil-doer in the act of stealing a day from poor little February.

Sheesh. Emporers!!

Next entry — Does Heinz really have 57 varieties?

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