Summer Blob Syndrome

Where I’d like to be right now…..

I’m lacking motivation. I’ve just come back from a fabulous vacation, albeit extremely jam-packed, and all I want to do is lay around and knit. Poor timing on my part had me book train reservations down to Sister’s tonight till Sunday. Not that I don’t totally enjoy being with her and her peeps and my Mom, but we’re finally getting to the storage units to re-organize and donate. Not relaxing in the least!
I’ve suggested to dear sister that we should bring our cd player and a bottle of wine, but then I’m afraid we’d totally defeat our purpose.
I really dislike organizing, hence my messy house, and if it were just up to me, it would be a horrible task. With sister-gal however, it will be fun just to be together. Will we have the self-control NOT to nip out to a yarn shop or two?

An added bonus is that I get to join her knitting group that meets on Thursday evenings. I’m afraid I don’t have any baby bibs, booties, burp cloths in the works — that seems to be the knitting they’re doing, but I am working on a fabulous sock from the booty club of one of the knitter’s…..wink wink.

So, I should pack, clean up here a bit, finish laundry, etc etc etc. But here I sit, typing nonsense and procrastinating. In the words of one of my favourite transcription passages, “blah blah blah”.


One thought on “Summer Blob Syndrome

  1. Wow. your knitting is just fabulous.. I am trying desperately to knit some “Lilac Socks” from Townsend Knit along. I HAD To tell you that I found you through Knit2gether! I saw your work, it is FAB and I THEN i saw this pic of the railing and hammock, and IT LOOKS like the style of my husband’s PAINTINGS! You can see some at our photo album, along with fibery things plus I read that they did not upload your pic because your blog was “boring” ??? They obviously must think my blogs are too! I am a spinner and silk painter, but I had 4 eye operations and I can’t see well enough to go below a size 5 needle. Can you recommend some nice soft socks that you can do on a size 5? It seems everyone wants size 2 …anyway I wanted to tell you that my daughter just walked in the room and said, ” MOM did Dad paint that pic?” So I Really would love to know where this scene is! Oh you can see more art at and He is President of the No Vermont Artist Association and did their site at http://www.northernvtartists.comthanks for the lovely blog,hope when I grow up i can knit like you!! I am 15 in my dreams….smiles, grace

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