Brief Respite

I’m in between jobs right now, so thought I’d do a little online updating and stashing. This new Ravelry database is great for organizing my yarn, my projects, my needles, my books, my dream projects……but it also is a huge wake-up call. I own A LOT of yarn! And books, and needles! Wow. And there is even a little more hiding out in a drawer or two that I’m not going to own up to, at least for now.

But at least I have a pretty thorough catalogue of what I am admitting to. It’s great because the database will list the yarn weight and yardage…so if I’ve lost the label or become stupidly unable to read the info on the label, well Ravelry has it all there for me. Click away!

I am also a little ashamed at what I do have stashed after spending 4 days going through my Mom’s storage units with my sister. We de-stashed 40+ years of clothes. My Mom saved everything. Our old school uniforms, costumes from school plays that she made, prom dresses, chapel veils (anyone remember those?). Missy and I took 4 car loads to Goodwill and it was such a good feeling!

So will my kids be going through my storage in 30 years and wondering why I have so many skeins of handdyed sock yarn? Excuse me, I need to go knit.

2 thoughts on “Brief Respite

  1. even if your kids are going through a storage unit filled with sock yarn in 30 years, I’m sure that it will conjure up some great memories. you’ve found something in life that you have a great passion — and talent — for, and they’ll remember that part of the skeins and skeins and skeins of unused, but not doubt admired, yarn!

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