A Full Weekend

Deep Cove, BC
Okay. It’s Sunday evening and my feet are up and aching. I’ve got a margarita and chocolate at my side. Good ending for a great weekend.
We had my sister and her goddaughter visit for the weekend. They took the train up from Washington on Friday — the only way to get between Canada and US these days. Border waits are hovering around 2, 3 + hours on weekends and that just isn’t acceptable anymore. Amtrak has a lovely train that goes from Seattle to Vancouver, stopping in my sister’s little town, and makes the trip in 1/2 the time that it does to drive now. AND you can knit the whole time, get something to eat, listen to music and daydream. Love the train.
So yesterday we took little miss O. to the aquarium. I haven’t been there for years — since my kiddies were little ones like her. We saw all sorts of fishy, urchiny, reptilish creatures.

Moon Jellyfish

Japanese Sea Nettle

I think the girl was impressed, I know I was!

And of course afterwards, we had to make a slight detour on our way home to Three Bags Full, a yarn shop in Vancouver. They were having their 1-year celebration and I got more lace yarn – this time JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk in Copper. It’s so soft! But now I really need to get a lace shawl going……I’m getting too much in my stash!

It was a fun day, but ended with an emergency call from my daughter to come and help get things set up for the annual Deep Cove Daze. She was the organizer for the event this year — pretty impressive for a 19-year old university student! She was tired, it was dark and there was still much to do, so we all got there in the nick of time to set up and get things ready for the next morning when the vendors, sponsors and entertainment would be arriving. Poor girl slept there with her friends/co-workers in a tent and sleeping bag….until the rain just thundered down and just about swept them away. Lucky they had a u-haul truck to take refuge in and that kept them dry.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, a well-run day and still going on (at least the beer-garden was!) when we limped out of there this evening.

I think we all deserve a good night’s sleep, especially Robin. Very proud of you babe!

5 thoughts on “A Full Weekend

  1. KarenJoSeattle

    Congratulations to everyone for the well organized event. Good for your daughter knowing when to call in help.Does the train between Seattle and Vancouver usually run on time? The one up the coast from California is always hours behind schedule. We haven’t been to Vancouver in years and the train would be a nice way to go.Of course, first we’d need to renew our passports, so we may need to plan for next year.

  2. KarenJoSeattle

    Thanks for the train info. Further down the coast the passenger train has to wait for freight trains even when they’re far, far away.


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