The Winds of Changes Shift

You forget how quickly life can change when you’re treading down the same old path day after day. Then you get the phone call… in my case, it’s usually a call from my sister who is telling me she’s on the way or at the hospital with our mom who has a) had a stroke, b) fallen and broken her hip, or c) somehow fractured a bone in her lower back. We’ve had a & b the last two years, this weekend was time for c. This isn’t as serious (although it does sound awful, doesn’t it!) or involving as long of a recovery (I hope) as the previous 2, but still it has put a change in the direction of our paths. Oops, sorry ma’am, you need to veer slightly to the right. Okay. Carry on.

There have been many changes for me just in the last few days. The most immediate being my mom, who should be just fine and dandy after a recovery — but when you’re in your 80’s, you just don’t bounce back like you did when you were younger. In fact, there is just no bouncing of any kind, and certainly is not recommended either intentionally or accidentally.

Second big change is that daughter #1 has moved back to University and out of our house for another 9 months. She’s not one for coming home much unless it involves, (sorry, I’m into lists right now) a) laundry, b) party with old friends on the weekend, c) sick as a dog — although that usually comes at the end of the term during finals. I miss her like heck and we just took her back 2 days ago.

Daughter #2 is also starting University this week, same school as her sister, but she will be commuting from home. She’s not a driver, so she’ll be carpooling, busing, and I imagine crashing at her sister’s dorm or other friends who are living out there. Regardless, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot less of the sweet girl. However, her very messy room will be the evidence we need that she’s still calling ‘here’ home.

Now, a change in the weather. It’s only September 2nd for goodness sakes, but fall weather has arrived! It’s cool and rainy. I actually had on long sleeves today, AND the spiders are out in full force! I saw one scamper very quickly across our living room — fortunately the MAN OF THE HOUSE caught him and sent him packing. But fall means one BIG thing…wearing wool socks again! I can hardly wait!

Oh, and I also forgot, sorry laddie boy, you may be the youngest, but certainly not forgotten. I was sitting in my usual knitting spot this morning, listening to my son and my husband chat away in the kitchen. Lo and behold, the kid’s voice is now lower than his dad’s. I know this did, for sure, happen overnight.

So what will tomorrow bring? You never know. Be prepared for something different.

May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift.

3 thoughts on “The Winds of Changes Shift

  1. sheepish one

    my children are on the very other end of the spectrum: still relying on me for day-to-day needs. i, too, have three kids: two daughters and then a son, but my son will be two this week. will i see myself writing a post similar to this in 16 years? šŸ˜‰ i hope so!! my oldest, who is the only school-age child and in 3rd grade, has a motto she shouts after each assembly at her charter school. the principal asks the 200 kids, “where are you going?” and the 200 kids yell back in reply, “to college!” it almost brings tears to my eyes because this is maybe the only expectation i have of my kids.i hope that your knitting brings you a bit of solace in your time of concern for your mom and your girls. you’ll be in my thoughts while i change diapers! šŸ˜‰


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