Time Out

Knitting can be so fickle. One minute you’re happily knitting away, then the next minute you realize the project has become a bitch to do. Such is the case with my Swallowtail Shawl. I was so happy knitting the budding lace pattern, 14 repeats, no problem.
Then I entered the danger zone of the ‘nupps‘ — a demonic stitch that has you purling 5 stitches together, 2 of which are yarn-overs and love to get all tight and snarly. Knitting should not be a chore to get through; life is short and I just don’t want to feel anxious about it. And frankly, I was getting very testy over it.
I knit and reknit and frogged and tried it again and ripped it out so many times, I’m surprised the yarn hasn’t rebelled on me and snapped apart in protest. Fortunately, I did put in a life-line at the end of the budding lace pattern so I had a safe haven to come back to each time.

So we’re having a bit of a time out. I’ve been using regular addi-turbo’s, size 4 u.s., and they just aren’t very sharp. Finding the addi lace needles is almost impossible here in Vancouver, so I ordered from Knitpicks a set of their needles, which I understand are pretty sharp and maybe have a chance in hell of accomplishing what the pattern calls for. The Swallowtail is awaiting Canada Post.

So meanwhile, I’ve been working on socks.

I was under the false impression that knitting socks was a no-brainer for me. I’ve made countless pairs, all pretty successfully. I was anxious to finish up my garter rib socks in this fabulous orange/purple merino tencel yarn. I wanted that finished, accomplished feeling.

So the socks were completed, I rushed to take their pictures, post them on my flickr site and as I’m sitting at my computer looking at the picture on the screen, I notice something odd.

Hmmmm……those heels looks different. Stupid me, I forgot that I was doing the garter rib down the heel (a feature I loved when I did it) and instead did my old standard slip stitch heel on the second sock.

So damn! What do I do? I’ve sewn in the ends. I’ve in my mind ‘finished’ the socks. Do I want to take it out, redo the heel and reknit that all over again? I know, bleah!

I think this may be a good day to just clean the bathrooms and avoid the pointy sticks all together.

6 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. sheepish one

    go ahead; put your pointy sticks in a time out! remember, though, that they can be a bit defiant, and they’ll get up from the corner. then you’ll realize that you love them dearly regardless of their transgressions, and you may decide to hug them close and cast on another pair of socks. 😉 i wish you calmness and sharp needles the next time you sit and knit.

  2. Rainey Day Knitter

    You know what I say about the heels…leave them alone…it is a design feature. Interesting and bohemian. 😉

  3. georgia

    leave the heel!!! you can start a new trend.i’m so excited you’re going to be at knit night this week! woooooo!!! i have many adorable things to share.

  4. Marguerite

    Having just finished frogging 5 rows of a sweater with a complex pattern, I completely understand the time out theory.The sweater is back on the needles waiting for me. I’m eating lunch, reading blogs and Ravelry, and letting my mind forget that I’ve already knit the rows I’m going to go back and knit this afternoon.I have a total hate relationship with bobbles and nupps. Seeing them is automatic pattern rejection for me. That’s probably not the encouragement you need. Sorry.The swallowtail shawl is a beautiful pattern and I love the color you’ve chosen. Is that better?


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