Who’s Your Big Sister

I got a new toy this week. A scanner. Actually it’s one of those new fangled contraptions that prints, copies, faxes, scans, scoops the litter box and takes out the garbage. It’s a dream. Stay tuned for more oldies but cuties.

Lately, well really for the last few years, everytime my sister and I go out together we are ALWAYS asked, “Are you sisters?” Yes, we laugh alike, we walk alike, at times we even talk alike. But we are not identical cousins all the way. (anybody old enough to remember the Patty Duke show?)

There is a 4 1/2 year age difference. I’m the cute baby on the left. The younger sister. My cute sister is on the right. The older sister. So to everybody that has asked if we’re twins, which one is older, here’s evidence that I’m the younger.

But she by far has the better hair and she’s the best sister.

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