Happy Thanksgiving

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Technically the day is on Monday, but we Canadians are a laid-back kind of people and we can celebrate the holiday and do our dinner on any day of this 3-day weekend. Whatever works best for your family is A-OK.
So for our family the day is Sunday. I’ll be hosting this year — cooking dinner for my family, my in-laws and assorted girl/boyfriends. 13 in all. Is that unlucky?

I wish this beautiful day would last all weekend. It’s supposed to rain, but today is glorious.

I took a walk this morning along the trail connecting Big Cates to Little Cates park here in Deep Cove. It felt wonderful and warm. It’s not a long trail, but goes right along the water, so up and back a few times felt good.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a good weekend everybody!

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Beautiful photos, Kate! Forgive my naivete, but what foods do you serve at a Canadian Thanksgiving?

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