Friday Already?

Wow, this week went fast. Maybe it’s because Monday was a holiday here for us, but here we are at Friday, and a weekend that maybe won’t involve buckets of rain! Yippee!

Last night I finished off the Lorna’s Laces Charade socks that I’m giving to my Mom for Christmas. They’re the first finished Soctoberfest socks and it’s a great feeling of accomplishment. But not for long, I’ve got the second sock for Robin — Lupine Lace — to cast-on for.

I knit the Lupine Lace on double pointed needles — my first attempt at using them. And while they made a beautiful sock, I just prefer my circulars. So hopefully the second sock will come out looking pretty much the same.

I’m still working on the Montego Bay scarf out of YP Butternut. It’s gorgeous, but kind of a boring pattern to knit. I need to buckle down and finish it before “Fall” disappears into “Winter”.

Could be any moment here!

3 thoughts on “Friday Already?

  1. love the charades. your mom is a lucky one! how many pairs have you gifted her now?i just gave my mom those embossed leaves socks i made. she loved them.

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