Butternut, Baby!

Finished this weekend. Montego Bay Scarf in ‘Butternut’ by the fabulous Yarn Pirate.

I love the colours in this yarn and this pattern really shows them off to their greatness. It screams fall and October and crisp all those great autumny words.

So here’s the skinny on this baby. There were a couple of changes I made to the pattern, of course. Rare for me to be a good girl and actually follow the pattern.

  • I used 40 stitches instead of the 43 called for.
  • I eliminated a stitch at the beginning of the pattern rows (1 & 3), and thus evened out the band on each end.
  • No fringe. I hate everything involved in making fringe.
  • Size 8 u.s. needles.

It’s kind of a boring pattern to knit, but I’ll probably do it again as I really like the yo look.

Fall, alive and well in my backyard.

3 thoughts on “Butternut, Baby!

  1. And how many of those beautiful leaves still hang on the tree after today’s rain? Fall has fell. I still have a pile of yarns to turn into scarves.

  2. Love the scarf. Makes me realize how long it’s going to take to knit, though. My problem wasn’t a missed y/o,, just an automatic reverting to a pattern of the past – knitting tog psso instead of k1 psso.Nice meeting you, I’m off to check out the pirate.Li

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