Mission Accomplished

My son. He’s fourteen and he’s employed. The kid wins the prize as the youngest to work (for pay) of my three children. I’ve been concerned that he, being the third child and having two older sisters, would be saddled with the ‘peter pan’ syndrome and never grow up. Hah! Take that, Dolly Sisters v.2.

He’s refereeing basketball games for the local community league on weekends. Sunday was his first on-the-job training and he definitely didn’t want me to hang around.

It was a beautiful afternoon. I went for a walk around the park, got a coffee and visited the library, all just across the street from the school he was at. I felt fate was with me as I found two books to feed my obsessions.

So I felt very confident that I could go back to the gym and sneak a peek of the boy at work. He was blowing whistles, directing wild little boys around the court and being very mature.

So I hope he doesn’t mind……I mean, it’s a milestone, right?

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