Flying Needles

My knitting needles have been very very busy this week. Sometimes my work really slows down and this week there hasn’t been any work for me. So it’s been great to really buckle down on the knitting, and the needles are on fire! poof!

I finished Robin’s Lupine Lace Socks. I did the first sock on double-pointed needles, mainly because I wanted a certain size which I didn’t have yet in circular form. They came out fine, but I felt clumsy using them and longed for my old method.
So I ordered and received rather quickly a set from Knitpicks and knit up the second sock with the newly aquired circulars. I love these socks. If I wouldn’t be forever saddled with mom-guilt, I’d keep them for myself. But since I’ve already posted they’re for Robin………..sigh.

As I was finishing these off, I had an idea to knit a scarf for the girl too, using the same or similar pattern. I have this yarn that’s about the same colour….maybe slightly bluer than the socks, but being that one is on the feet and the other is around the neck, will people really notice that?
So, this is now in the queue to finish by Christmas. Oh, and she also announced that she would like me to make her leg-warmers, jewel tones please. She makes up for my other 2 kids, who want nothing of my knitting.
I started the Cascade Fixation socks for my husband yesterday. It’s going to be just a simple plain sock, so it should fly along also.
I met a nice group of knitters last night. We met through Ravelry and last night we got together at a local coffee shop to knit and chat and drink (coffee). It was like a first date and I think it went very well. I’ll look forward to our next gathering.

One thought on “Flying Needles

  1. the lupine socks are beautiful! they remind me of the embossed leaves socks, with their overlapping design. i hope that your holiday knitting is done in time. i’m sure it will be, and i’m hoping that mine will be too!

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