Soctoberfest 2007 – Done!

Well, despite my misgivings, I completed my goal of knitting 4 pairs of socks for the month of October. Actually, let’s say it was 3 pairs plus one and a half socks — I started the garter ribs in September. Whatever! I did it! So now I have 3 pairs of Christmas socks done and put away for the big day.  Mine, I’m wearing them! I’m not waiting.

So what’s up next? I’m kind of sick of socks right now, big surprise, although I have a pair started for a friend who requested them for her sister. Fleece Artist – Sea Wool in the Broadripple pattern. The colours are gorgeous and it looks even better knit up than it did in the skein. So slowly I’m working away at that.

Let’s see. I’m crocheting a baby blanket using leftover balls of sock yarn. I have a huge drawer full of these balls and no plan whatsoever of what to do with them. I was cruising the knitting blogs a few months ago and came upon a gal’s site that had photos of her granny square blanket made of her leftover balls of sock yarn. It was so gorgeous the way all the colours combined together. However, I didn’t bookmark that page, or maybe I did, but if so it was on the ‘dead’ computer and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked high and low, no can find. But really, it’s just a giant granny square. Not so hard at all. I’ve been in a crocheting frenzy since.

Now, I’ve crocheted a few afghans in my lifetime, but all about 30 years ago! I had to go online to find a tutorial on how to make granny squares, including how to double crochet, how to slip stitch. It came back pretty quickly and I’ve been a woman possessed with a crochet hook. I don’t even know what size the hook is. I just grabbed one out of my knitting bag and while the number was all rubbed off, it seemed to do the job appropriately. But my main problem is knowing when to stop!

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