Heading South, Then South Again

The Dolly Sisters, mid-1980’s
I’m making a run for the border….tonight at the witching hour I’ll be on a train heading to my sister’s, just north of Seattle. Then Thursday morning we’re flying down to Southern California, where we grew up and where we have a wonderful friend who’s invited us down (or did we invite ourselves?) for 6 days of fun, frolic and fibre!
M and I were looking at Knitter’s Review and the page that lists all the fibre events around the world. We drooled and dreamed about Italy, France, but jumped when we saw that there is one on November 4th in the town we grew up in, Torrance.
We planned, we called D and we booked our flights. I don’t have any expectations that it will be anything like the incredible east coast festivals that I’ve been reading about lately, but it will be fun and we’ll have a great time, the three of us.
I’ve been planning my projects for the trip. They must be fun and easy, and if there is a purpose, like a Christmas present, then all the better. So here’s what made the cut for the trip:


Legwarmers for Robin. She requested these last time she came home from UBC and how easy are they? Way! It’s socks without the heel, gusset and toe! I bought this yarn yesterday at Urban Yarns in North Vancouver….it’s a very soft superwash wool/poly, so she’ll be able to use and abuse them to her heart’s content.

Storm Water Shawl for my sister-in-law Carol. These are so her colours. She loves to knit herself, but unfortunately she gets a very sore shoulder when she does, so she can only crank out the occasional scarf every few months. I know she gets that way because of the really wonky way she knits, and I’ve tried my hardest to get her to change methods, but it’s her way and I guess it’s too hard to change. Selah.

So I’ll be gone for over a week. I feel slight twangs of guilt, but not really. I know my crew can manage wonderfully without me here, as they have had to do so quite a bit the last few years…..but I’ll miss them. Do you think they’d want me to bring them back a little something….maybe some gorgeous skeins of wool?

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