Knitting Update

Catchy title? Noooooo! It’s 5:59am and there are no darn catchy titles lurking at this hour. I’m crazy to even try and attempt a posting, but I’m up, awake and the house is blessedly quiet. I love this hour…… before the showers start, breakfast explodes in the kitchen and everyone is LATE!
I did get a goodly amount of Christmas knitting done while I was away in the California haze. The three of of us gals had a lot of down-time…..time spent gabbing and drinking wine and gasp! writing poetry……long story…won’t get into that one………but also hours spent on the planes and trains which provided some excellent quality knitting time.
I finished Robin’s legwarmers on the final leg (hah) of the trip….my train trip from Edmonds to Vancouver. Three and a half hours of uninterrupted blissful knitting. The weather was foggy and rainy all the way up to Canadaland so there wasn’t much sitting and gazing out the window. I plugged in my ipod and knit away.

These legwarmers used exactly a skein per leg. It was amazing. I had the measurements of a pair of store-bought legwarmers that Robin really liked and wanted a mom-made version of. All the time I was knitting the first one, I was convinced there wouldn’t be enough yarn to complete a legwarmer (I had bought 2 skeins thinking 1 each…) and already had in my head a trip to Urban Yarns to grab a 3rd. My wise sister kept saying, I think you have enough. She was right. I had maybe a yard of yarn leftover.
So these are ready to wrap up for the girl. I was happy when she was home this last weekend that she kept mentioning that she wanted legwarmers……I just smiled. Really???
The other project I worked on, and am still working on because it’s a bit slower and I actually have to think while knitting, is the Storm Water Shawl that I’ll be giving to my sister-in-law for Christmas. I love Sea Silk. There is something that is so beautiful about it….I think it’s the shiny smooth fibre, but it’s also the colours. This is truly a gift that I’d be happy to keep for myself…..but since I’ve put it out “there” or “here” that it’s going to Carol, I guess I’m kind of obligated now.

So that’s the vacation knitting. There are still other projects here at home being worked on and in the planning stages. I’ll write about those another time. Oh, and all the yarn I bought on the trip…….but later.

Now. Coffeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Notes on the legwarmers:

Yarn is Filature Di Crosa – Maxime in the colourway: Blues – 2 skeins

Needles: 3.25mm addi turbos – 2 circulars

Cast on 64 stitches

Top Cuff is k1, p1 ribbing for 5 inches

Leg is straight stockinette for 14 inches

Bottom Cuff is k1, p1 ribbing for 2 inches

Overall measurements: Length is 21″ and width of leg is 4″

4 thoughts on “Knitting Update

  1. I look like a witch! Sort of like the mean nun I had in 7th grade…Sister Mary George…augghhhh. Always listen to sister 😉

  2. Love the legwarmers. Amazing how much yarn it takes to turn a heel, I would never have imagined you could get two legwarmers with the same amount of yarn. Li

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