Finished Broadripples

It’s funny how sometimes the projects come flying off the needles at breakneck speed. That hasn’t been happening lately. Maybe there’s too many projects in the works, but I don’t think that’s it because there’s only 3 — now 2 projects actually on the needles. There are gazillions in my mind that I want to start — but there’s just not enough time!

I have finished the Broadripple socks that my friend Nancy commissioned for me to make for her sister. I’ve never met the sister, so I have this fear in my gut that she won’t like my socks, but I guess that’s Nancy’s problem……hehe

I’ve never knit for such petite feet either. Her sister wears a 7 1/2 shoe with apparently narrow heels. She has ‘apparently’ thinnish ankles and calves too. I’m used to knitting socks for the big footed people in my family. I think I knit these appropriately smallish…, they’ll be too small! Sigh….I need to get over my insecurity!

I used the Broadripple pattern from I knit these pretty much as the pattern said, but I decreased the number of stitches in the heel flap/heel to accommodate the narrow heel. I used 2.5mm addi turbo circulars.

“Tiger” Colourway

This was my first time knitting with Sea Wool from Fleece Artist. I loved working with it….very soft and a little plumper than the fibres I’ve been using lately. The texture kind of felt like Koigu.

So I just need to get these blocked, labeled, wrapped-up and give them to my friend. And then, oh boy, plan my next project to start……the best part!

2 thoughts on “Finished Broadripples

  1. i love the broadripples, especially the cuff. omg, i know what you mean about small feet. the two pair of socks i just knit were for one step-mother-in-law with size 4 narrow feet and another mother-in-law with size 6. i think my father-in-law might have a foot fetish!!

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