New Morning

Underneath the bridge where the water flowed through. bd

Well, the year is off and running. So far, so good.
I do not make resolutions. Last year, in my first blog post, I mentioned that January 9th is the day of failure…the day that most people who make resolutions fail. 9 days isn’t very long, but I would probably not last 2.
I have hopes. Last year I hoped I would be able to keep up some sort of blog and, well, that worked. This year I have a few hopes. Not to many, I don’t want to get greedy, but here are a few for this year.
  • The family stays healthy.
  • My mom has no set backs this year and is able to travel up to see me when the weather gets warmer — and we can go walk on the seawall — where that picture is taken.
  • I’m able to let my oldest daughter move to Europe this spring without any major drama from moi — that includes sobbing, pleading and just plain jealousy!
  • Learn a balance between working from home, keeping a home and just being home.
  • Start a habit of charity knitting. Knit for me, knit for charity. Knit socks for my mom, knit socks for charity. Hopefully karma will look favourably on me for this.
  • My sister and I get to go to a Bob Dylan concert together.
  • I take to weaving like my sister took to spinning — classes start next weekend.
This will be a year of changes, what with Robin possibly moving to Denmark and Sarah moving into the dorms. Having just one child at home will be so different, but that’s the way things are supposed to go.

Hopefully this will be a good year.

One thought on “New Morning

  1. sheepish one

    I send you my best wishes for these all to happen. I look most forward to the post you’ll write this spring with a picture of your mom at the seawall, but I will voraciously read the other posts that talk of the other things as well. I think sobbing at your daughter’s leaving can’t count as “major drama”… that’s more “uncontrollable”; I don’t envy that day.


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