New Year Knitting

It was nice to take a little break after all the Christmas knitting I was doing — down to the wire. Everything got finished in time. Everything turned out well…..except the ‘Gretel’ beret for Sarah. It’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous, the yarn is so lovely, BUT the beret is huge. I thought I could ‘shrink’ it down, but it’s a superwash wool. I really don’t want to rip it out, so it’ll become a pretty accessory around the house. I may try this again and figure out how to make it smaller. But not yet. I have other things on the needles.

Just finished off is a toddler sweater that will be going to charity. This was super easy, super fast. I adapted Marguerite’s pattern slightly by dropping the cabling — the yarn looked better with just straight stockinette I thought — and changed the ribbing to garter stitch. I love this pattern because it’s knit in the round. There are no seams to sew. I hate sewing the seams and projects sit and sit because I don’t want to get around to that.

The yarn is Plassard Symphonie in Blues. I used just over 1 skein — which I got on sale at Urban Yarns — woo hoo! I have enough left over to either do a pair of toddler socks or a toque — or maybe both.
Needles were a size 10 u.s., or 6.0mm. I used two circulars to knit the arms, but double pointed needles would work too.
So I’ll be starting a box to add more charity knitting to and then send off when I have a goodly amount.

I’m also working on a pair of socks for me…Yarn Pirate Booty Club’s Calamity. This yarn is a BFL and is very soft. I’ve never knit with this before. Just a plain stockinette pattern for these. I’ll bring these to the Ravelry knit group tonight to work on. I’m just heading down the foot of the second sock.
Lastly on the needles … at this moment because more is in the plans … is a vest for me out of Indigo Moons superwash merino. This is the yarn that I knit up as a clapotis last year, but I knit it way, way too long and I never wore it. So I unravelled the whole thing, washed it to relax the kinks, wound it back up and now I’m doing this vest. It’s a simple 2-row pattern.

So that’s all the knits right now. I’ll be casting on very soon for a pair of socks for my friend, who has been released from her sock moratorium after previously mocking sock clubs. Her release may come with certain terms and conditions regarding future mocking, however.


3 thoughts on “New Year Knitting

  1. Love that little sweater. It looks great without the cables. Good choice.I use that basic pattern and insert different stitch patterns in the front and back all the time. For me, changing the pattern keeps the fun in the knitting.

  2. Melana – Yes, the Indigo moon is amazing. There will be more in my future when the stash goes down a bit!Marguerite – Thank you. I’m planning on making it with a smoother solid, and then will knit it with the cable designs. Wonderful pattern!

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