January Socks

Calamity, lounging by the fire

First month of the year produced 2 pairs of socks. I thought that after the new year, I’d slow down on the socks and try new projects. Well, not so much I guess!
The first pair I finished were a pair for my friend, Shelagh, who has been seduced by the cult of the handknit sock. I have found another pair of feet to swathe in my handknits. She also has small dainty feet, and hence is a snap to whip up. My family, on the other hand, has very large and in no way dainty feet, and takes a goodly amount of time and yarn to finish.

One ball used, with a smidge left over.

So I let Ms. S. look at a couple of stashlings to pick out what she wanted. She wanted to start out non-wool, so I highly recommended the Cascade Fixation. I’ve made 3 pairs out of this yarn now, and am a devotee of it. It’s soft and stretchy and fits like a glove.

So this is Cascade Fixation, colour 9904 (why such dull names, Cascade?). I used size 3.25mm circular needles. Cast on 48 stitches and they were done before I knew it. Ms. S. loves them. yippee!

I started the Calamity socks in December — after the Christmas knitting was all done and wrapped. It was a very simple pattern — my basic plain jane sock recipe. I jazzed up the cuff by doing a 3×3 rib, did p-k-p the next three rows, then plain till the end.

This is my first time knitting with BFL. It’s definitely a different feel and texture, but looks like it’ll get softer and softer with wear.

So as per my new years ‘hopes’, i need to cast on for some toddler socks for charity. I have lots of yarn in my stash, so I think I can find something today……the best part of finishing a project is starting the next one.

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