The Doldrums of Winter

Anyone else tired of this? Winter seems to be hanging on with amazing fortitude this year. We got a major snow fall last weekend, and it’s still piled up around our house. Yesterday morning I woke up early as usual, came downstairs, made coffee and looked out the window. Snowing. The bright side to that, and it was a very bright side, was that the sun appeared gloriously and strong in the afternoon.

I finished another pair of socks for my friend SK, who has come to the handknit sock alter rather late, but is extremely devoted now and borders on the point of being a little bit fanatical, but if it’s over handknit socks, I’ll play along!!

These were knit with yarn I bought last year from Pick Up Sticks, an online store in Ontario. When you buy yarn over the internet, there is some leap of faith that the colours represented are true and you’ll love it as much as you did when you gazed upon the small little photo on the computer. I wasn’t so sure when it came. I thought it had the possibility of being either really special or really bad. It is one of those colourways that can only be appreciated when knit into something. When SK came over to shop in my stash, she took one look at this yarn and wanted it. There was no question, no comparison shopping, no hemming and hawing, that was it. Period. And I must say, it sure brightens the long winter days!

Well, these are very special. The colourway is Paintbox from Spinning Bunny. It’s 50% merino and 50% tencel. It has a sheen, it’s soft and it was happily received by my friend. In fact, I think there may have been a little squeal.

So to all those yarns sitting at the bottom of my stash box, fear not. There is a new found hope that your potential is in the knitting process.

And now Mr. RK, husband of SK, is putting in an order for socks. The queue is forming next to that bank of snow.

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