Toe-Up Socks

Last night I finished these wonderful toe-up socks. I have wanted to try this way of knitting socks for a long time now, especially after leaving large-ish balls of yarn leftover from my top-down socks. It seems such a waste, although the leftover yarn does make a sweet little baby blanket.

I found this pattern through my flickr friends and cast on right away. I had purchased this yarn a year ago on a jaunt to Torrance, California with my sister and I’ve been waiting till just the right time to try it out (in other words, it got shoved down the queue for more pressing matters).

The toe starts out with a little rectangle that gets formed into an oblong circle by picking up stitches around all 4 sides, then it increases till the foot is the size you want. The gusset is done just the opposite as a top-down sock, so easy enough. But it’s the heel that I couldn’t figure out until I actually knit it. It’s just a very large heel turn with no flap to worry about. I was sure that it would fit my heel all strange and wonky, but it fits like a glove. It’s amazing! The only drawback I can see is that there isn’t the reinforced slip-stitch heel flap, but who cares! I wear a lot of clogs anyway. So after the heel is decreased to the right amount of stitches, it’s up the leg you go.

It would be very easy to add in a pattern for the top of the foot and up the leg. I chose to do just a straight stockinette sock for this time around…also I think the yarn showed it’s colours best with just a plain stitch.

For the top of the sock, I did a rolled cuff. Now that that is done, it is a little snug in the bind-off, so probably a different pattern at the top would have been better. Maybe a picot or just really really looser on the bind-off.

I’m very happy with these. It made sock knitting different. I’ll probably do both versions and not stick with just one. I’d like to explore different versions of the toe-up. Different cast-ons and different heel/gusset patterns.

3 thoughts on “Toe-Up Socks

  1. Thank you Wendy….I’ll definitely be looking at your other patterns!Melana, as inexperienced as I am with these toe-ups, I’d be happy to help you along!

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