I knit this up the other night. Yes, I know I have 5, or is it 6?.. other projects in the works, but I wanted a quick-to-finish little project. This I intend to stick in my purse and use for my coffee outings. It’s kind of long, so I’ll be ordering a venti….

This is sock yarn given to me by my sister. It’s so loud and garish for socks…she didn’t want it…..not sure why she thought I would….but now it makes a very bright and cheerful coffeecup cozy.

Started as a regular sock….60 sts on size 2-u.s. needles.

3 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. This is quite nice. I have been wanting to knit a cozy for my coffee cups. When I order coffee in Mexico the “obligatorio” coffee sleeve we see in the US isn’t present at most of the Starbucks & coffee shops. So, that cup of java gets mighty hot!! I love these colors you have used in this! Nice! Thanks for the comments!

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