Is it safe to come out now?

I’ve been a major blog-blob. Not inspired to update at all, and decided it was because my template was dark and wintery. Seriously, Blogger needs to give us some new and pretty blog-templates.

So, it’s been so long, I don’t know where to begin again. Do I post vacation photos, knitting photos…..I don’t know.

As far as the vacation went, it was fabulously warm and we got to see many friends along the way. While Palm Desert wouldn’t be my first choice for a holiday — I really love being on a beach and floating on waves — this was great for warmth, for a happy husband who got to play tennis, watch tennis, and catching up with old friends.

I have lots of knitting projects going, too many to list here, in fact most are already listed somewhere below here. I’ve of course started more because I’m the queen of starting, not finishing.

So I’ll just post a few photos here, feel satisfied that I’ve finally updated this thing, make a promise to myself to be more diligent about it, and get on with the day here.

3 thoughts on “Is it safe to come out now?

  1. Andrea

    Pretty. It’s about -4 and there’s still snow in the ground here, so the beach pictures make me happy.


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