They’re hard to take. I started out the day, the week by sleeping-in too late, something I never do on weekends, something that I didn’t intend to do today and for some reason I did, but that extra hour has made this day all wonky. When I sleep-in too late, I almost always wake up with a headache and the remains of very strange dreams. That’s why, when I normally wake at 6am, I just get up. Easier that way. But not today. Plus it was raining all night, the cat was snuggled in tight and not budging. Waking up just wasn’t easy to do!

Things picked up though. It eventually stopped raining and the sun is shining. I’ve emailed with old friends and new friends and that makes me happy. I got the work quota I set for myself done. And the sun is shining. I know I already wrote that, but it bears mentioning again. Love that sun.

Some photos from the last week:
coffee with my sister-in-law, Carol
new weaving project
a sign of spring, yippee
first weaving project finished and off the loom

One thought on “Mondays

  1. hooray for your spring bloom; happy belated to your robin; lovely woven runner…i can empathize with your monday morning woes. after two weeks of no school, today it was VERY hard to work up the courage to drag myself from the warm bed.some mondays just should be saturdays.

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