Spring: sprung.

It finally looks like spring around here….it’s warmed up a bit and we had a weekend of sun and outdoor chores.
from Cates Park on Sunday

I finished my ‘Fizzy Foo’ scarf. Silly name, but it’s a combo of the two yarns I used, Fizzy — a handspun BFL from Funky Carolina, and Little Bunny Foo Foo, a sock yarn from Socks that Rock, mediumweight. These two colours go together so perfectly.

The scarf softened up quite a bit after a soak.

I used a 24/48 warp thread count. Warp length was 80″ from peg to back board. The finished measurements is 53″ scarf and 3 1/2″ fringe.

There was enough of the Fizzy leftover to make a small runner/placemat that I’ll give to my mom for her birthday. Pink, she told my sister and me a year or so ago, is her signature colour, so I’m happy to keep her surrounded by pink.

7 thoughts on “Spring: sprung.

  1. fizzy foo is lovely. i especially love the tassles. is it soft?your tree is so heavy with bloom it looks as if it will fall over! yay for spring!!ps: love the new header.

  2. It’s sort of soft….I soaked it and it got better after that. Thanks about the header…I was inspired by you and Leslie to jazz it up a bit..but boy, was that ever a time-consuming effort!!

  3. Well, Theresa, because I’m lazy!! I guess I need to get my blog-mojo going again! Thanks for the kick in the pants!

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