Hand-dyed Woven Scarf

Do you ever feel like you only have so many words to use in a day, so much you can say and write? That’s how I’ve felt, I guess, and why my blog has been neglected. After I’ve worked (typing) and messaged with my friends and kids, and written emails to friends and family, updated my flickr and ravelry, I just don’t have the energy, or mostly the time, to sit and write out my blog. A lot of what is here is just repeating what I’ve already posted and said on the other sites.That said, however, I do want to keep this blog going and so here I am!

The project I just finished and am so completely in love with is this latest woven scarf. With my rigid heddle loom, I’m limited as to the design in the warp and weft — well, I could make it a bit more complicated, but I’m not ready for that yet — my BRAIN isn’t ready for that yet. So to make it all more interesting, I thought that by using more colourful and patterned yarns, I would be able to achieve a more textured/patterned look.

The yarn, warp and weft, is from the Yarn Pirate’s Booty Club — 100% merino wool, sock yarn. The colours are right up my alley — green and blue, with the added brown and white. I used a great worksheet out of the latest weaving book I purchased, Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport. It makes the math required to figure out how much yarn is needed for the warp and weft into a formula that you just enter in the length, width, etc and then with a simple add, mulitply, you have the yarn requirements. What a help this was! I was able to plan for a scarf that was 12″ wide by 70″ long, and I had enough yarn, my finished measurements were 11.25″ x 71″, and my brain didn’t explode from the calculating!


The merino wool is soft and the colours are vibrant and rich. I’m happy!

8 thoughts on “Hand-dyed Woven Scarf

  1. My rigid heddle loom sits quietly in a closet. I need to start something. How much yarn did it take? It’s beautiful.

  2. i just realized I cold look up the specs on Ravelry. So my next question is – did you use just one colourway? It patterned so nicely.

  3. I do adore the colors you used in the weaving. It is truly beautiful. Thanks for your lovely comments. You too can add music. I noticed music on a fellow bloggers site & then figured I needed it on mine:)

  4. Thank you Li….I forgot you had told me about having a loom too. I love working on it, it’s so different than knitting. I used about 800yds for this scarf. I used the same colourway for both the warp and weft.

  5. Hi Dee…thank you! It took me awhile to see the added widget at the bottom of your blog…what a great idea that is! I’ll look into it. 🙂

  6. This scarf is stunning. For the first time I’m wondering if weaving isn’t something I should try! Thank you for sharing it.

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