Me * Moi

I’m a little slow in getting to this, but Theresa of t does wool tagged me awhile ago to list some random things about me. Just the excuse I need to keep the blog going..heh.

So here we go.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago. I’m trying to remember! 1998 I was a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids. Let’s see, they would have been 10, 9 and 5. I think I was very busy. Back then, I was much better about cleaning house, gardening, cooking. I was much more organized that way. Now, I work, have kids that aren’t here alot of the time, and my cleaning/cooking/gardening tasks have been downgraded majorly. I’m just not that into it anymore. heh. (and see #4 below)

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today.

Okay, that’s a little easier. I think I can remember what I have to do today:

  • Put in a couple of hours of work this morning.
  • Help my friend who’s selling her house get it ready for the first open tomorrow.
  • Tonight, go to a concert tonight with my husband — a combined birthdays/anniversary treat for us to see Crosby, Stills, Nash (yeah, we’re of that generation).
  • Go to the local music store and purchase some earplugs (yeah, we’re of that generation).
  • Hm, one more. Well, when all else fails, I MUST play with yarn.

3. Snacks I love.

Ho boy, this could be embarrassing. I could get all superior and say I love carrot sticks and apple slices, almonds, with a piece of light cheese (which, actually I do love), but really, it’s about the cookies (chocolate chip), the chips (because sweet needs to be balanced by salty), and gallons of coffee, black, latte, espresso, coffee nips, anyway, anyhow. I also have a thing for Cheez-its.

4. If I were a billionaire.

Oh yes. I’ve dreamt of this alot, especially when my kids were younger and I was killing myself with the cleaning/gardening/cooking. My number one would be to hire a chef. My fantasy billionairess life would be to discuss with ‘cook’ each morning what we would serve for lunch and dinner (and snacks), and then ‘cook’ would do the shopping at the market (fresh and organic please), then do all the putting away, cook the fine meal and then call me when it’s ready. My family and I would then eat a tasty, healthy 3-course meal, then cook would do all the clean-up. sigh. I’d really pick this over a house cleaner or a gardener.

Next, I’d open the cutest little yarn shop that only sold the finest and bestest handspun/handdyed natural fibres, and all my friends and my sister would come and we’d knit and weave and spin and plan adventures to go find more yarn.

Oh, and donate money for world peace, of course.

5. Places I’ve lived.

I grew up in southern California, in a town called Torrance. It’s just south west of L.A., near the beaches. It was great growing up there, but I always dreamed of living somewhere where there would be seasons and rain and snow and trees and green and fresh air.

For 3 years in the 1980’s, my husband and I lived (as a result of a company transfer for him) in a small town in Ohio, just outside of Cleveland – Concord, Ohio. I sure got my seasons there! It was beautiful and rural and we had land and a small lake. Fall was by far the most spectacular season there. Winter (we were in the snowbelt) and Summer (hot and muggy) were not as enjoyable. We really enjoyed our three years there though, and made some really good friends. After that, we moved back to California, another transfer, this time to Walnut which is east of LA, in the San Gabriel Valley. Hot Hot Hot! We were 10 minutes from Warren’s work, so that was so great for him to be so close, especially since our first baby was born there, but we just couldn’t stay in that place. HOT!

So we moved back to my husband’s homeland and we’ve been in Vancouver, BC for almost 19 years now. It has the perfect balance of seasons, it’s green and fresh, almost never too hot in the summer and almost never too much snow in the winter. We have great friends and family here. We’re staying put.

So that’s enough about me. Here’s some pretty yarn.

One thought on “Me * Moi

  1. kate,now it was fun to get to know you a little better…(it does take some time though)…the blue is fabulous!and yes,this will keep you blogging 🙂

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